Kevin Wong is the co-founder of who supports the site financially. As the current supervisor and shopkeeper of the top gaming shop in Sabah (ACI Technology Pte Ltd), he contributes his vast expertise and experience with various gaming products in the commercial space.

The fact that he has been working in gaming retail industry ever since finishing high school studies means that his opinions and views of any gaming equipment are credible and important to any potential customers.

Kevin has personally heard unfortunate and tragic stories from gamers’ who came to his shop and shared about their poor decisions on choosing suitable gaming items online and at other shops. These ill-prepared buyers wasted their hard-earned money and it made a negative impact on their gaming life.

Therefore, he is very serious about making this site the most helpful website for everyone that’s contemplating on getting their very own set of gaming equipment.

As you can see, he is a hardcore fan of Manchester United FC so his favorite game is EA Sports’ FIFA (he owns each and every version for each year). He actively plays DotA 2 and TERA Online as well.

Steven J. Jipanin is an avid gamer and the co-founder of who resides in Sabah, Malaysia. He works full-time on the website, therefore the site visitors are in good hands.

He delved into the world of gaming at a very young age. His very first gaming experience was with some retro side-scrolling action games on a Windows 95 computer.

From there, it escalated to basically every popular game out there. Super Mario, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Zelda, DoTA 2, FIFA, Ragnarok Online, name it, he’s played them all.

Despite being fully capable of finding a decent job, he chose to stay unemployed ever since he finished his college studies. His primary focus now lies in analyzing the eSports industry and offering insightful information about it.