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 1. Jacob Wolf – ESPN Esports

esports website espn jacob wolfJacob Wolf is an Esports reporter at ESPN Esports. He wrote for Daily Dot before working with ESPN. His Esports journalism effort is focused on League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Super Smash Bros.

2. Jack Stewart – MailOnline

esports website dailymail jack stewartJack Stewart is the first full-time Esports journalist for a British newspaper, DailyMail a.k.a MailOnline. He is also a freelance writer for RedBull and Ginx TV. His reports on Esports are focused on League of Legends, FIFA and Rocket League.

3. Eric Van Allen – Gizmodo Media Group

esports website gizmodo ericEric Van Allen is a prolific writer in the gaming and Esports world. He writes for several news sites under Gizmodo Media Group such as Gizmodo, Kotaku, and Deadspin. His articles vary on topics that usually appeal to the gaming community.

 4. Kevin Ponn – UC Berkeley

esports website kevin ponnKevin Ponn is the President of the Cal Esports team, which means he is actively creating an Esports organization at the University of California, Berkeley. He works on bridging the gap between traditional sports and Esports. His institution has successfully provided Esports sponsorships for the students and community.

 5. James Grunke – Nvidia

esports website nvidia james grunkeJames Grunke is responsible for the sharp screen resolution of the Esports tournaments we see in Twitch and TV. He is the Head of Global Esports at Nvidia Corporation. As expected, his articles cover Esports news that heavily involves the aforementioned technology company.

 6. E.J. Schultz – AdAge

esports website adage schultzMr. Schultz currently works as the Chicago Bureau Chief at Advertising Age. He has a diverse coverage of topics in beverage, food, sports, and auto marketing. His articles about Esports are published over at

7. Geoff Gasior – Asus

esports website asus geoffGeoff Gasior is a staff writer for Asus. He previously wrote for Tech Report for more than a decade but now he is with Asus’ technical marketing team. His written pieces mainly focus on the Republic of Gamers’ Esports news.

8. Justin Bragg – Illinois College

esports website justin bragg illinois collegeJustin Bragg is the Head Coach of Esports at Illinois College. He played League of Legends professionally for five years; with a ranking in the Master/Challenger tier. His IC Esports team is actively looking to sponsor professional LoL players, anyone interested can find out more at

9. James Pickard – Red Bull Esports

esports website red bull james pickardJames Pickard is an Esports writer for the Red Bull website. He previously worked for BeefJack as their reviews editor. His wide coverage of gaming topics is a testament to his experience in the industry.

10. Arthur Chu – Bleacher Report

esports website arthur chu bleacher reportArthur Chu is the Senior Product Manager at Bleacher Report. He successfully implemented the curation of Esports news and events at His specialties involve digital media, databases and large systems implementations.

11. Ethan Gach – Kotaku

esports website ethan gach kotakuEthan Gach works as a staff writer at Kotaku. He writes about a myriad of gaming topics including Esports. His reputation in the gaming community as a prolific writer is well-deserved.

12. Callum Fletcher – Illinois Wesleyan University

esports website callum fletcher iwuCallum Fletcher is an Esports Coach and the Live Web Producer for IWU Esports. He recruits and leads the Varsity League of Legends team at Illinois Wesleyan University. His primary focus is on growing and developing the local Esports and gaming community.

13. Jeffrey Grubb – VentureBeat

esports website venturebeat jeff grubbJeffrey Grubb is a reporter for GamesBeat, the subsidiary of VentureBeat. He is not to be mistaken for the popular novel writer Jeff Grubb. Instead, his time is mostly spent investigating the big stories in the gaming world.

14. Joab Gilroy – IGN

esports website ign joab gilroyJoab Gilroy is a major contributor to Esports articles at IGN. But career-wise, he is an Esports editor at Red Bull Australia. His writing prowess has led to Nic Healey stating that he is the best games reviewer on the planet.

15. Maddy Myers – Deadspin

esports website deadspin maddy myersMaddy Myers is a staff writer for Gizmodo Media Group. She mainly writes about competitive video gaming/Esports. Her journalistic career has spanned far and wide, appearing in talk shows, podcasts, and web series.

16. Zynab Makki – Champlain College

esports website zynab makkiZynab Makki is the President and Esports Coordinator at Champlain College Esports. She likes the Esports field because it is an industry that intersects technology, business, and gaming. Her Esports organization hosts and supports casual gaming and competitive team events.

17. Matt Kamen – Wired

esports website matt kamenMatt Kamen is a journalist for Wired. He specializes in games, media and technology coverage. His work encompasses both in print and online at Empire, Imagine Publishing and many more.

18. Andy Chalk – PC Gamer

esports website andy chalk pc gamerAndy Chalk is the resident news writer for PC Gamer. Obviously, he focuses on news about PC gaming which includes Esports. His work occasionally includes game reviews and features as well.

19. Andrew Robichaud – TSN

esports website andrew robichaud tsnAndrew Robichaud works as a content and social media manager at The Sports Network. He is also the web producer and Esports writer for the website His work mainly covers Esports news in Canada.

20. Robert Rippee – University of Nevada

esports website robert rippee unlvRobert Rippee is the Director of Esports Lab at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Prior to his current career, he was a military veteran serving as a Pilot in the United States Navy. His mission is to provide cutting-edge research insights and innovative platforms/applications for the global hospitality and gaming industry.

21. Christine Erickson – The Daily Dot

esports website christine erickson the daily dotChristine Erickson is an eCommerce manager and writer at The Daily Dot. She mainly reviews the latest high-quality Esports products. Her former employers include Mashable and Yahoo.

22. John McCarthy – The Drum

esports website john mccarthy the drumJohn McCarthy works as an entertainment marketing reporter at The Drum. He focuses his journalism effort on movie, TV, music, and video game industries. His LinkedIn profile is probably the most captivating cover letter I have ever read.

23. Leonard Schilcher – ESL

esports website esl leonard schilcherLeonard Schilcher is a news writer for ESL Gaming. He mainly covers Esports news of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. His written work focuses on the ESL Pro League and the Intel Extreme Masters.

24. Dean Stevens – Morningside College

esports website morningside college dean stevensDean Stevens is the Head Coach for the Morningside College Esports team. He successfully arranged an Esports scholarship program for his college. His Esports organization is sponsored by various entities such as Rick Collins Toyota.

25. Ali Jones – PC Games N

esports website pcgamesn ali jonesAli Jones is a news writer at PC Games N. He covers various news about casual and competitive gaming. His frequency in writing Esports articles is relatively high among Esports journalists.

26. Anatoliy Alekseyenok – HiRez Studios

esports website smitegame anatoliy alekseyenokAnatoliy Alekseyenok is an associate Esports specialist at Hi-Rez Studios. He writes Esports news for the SMITE game and is also a caster for its tournaments. His unique background is that he was a professional SMITE Esports player before working for Hi-Rez Studios.

27. Kevin Lepsoe – Notey

esports website notey kevin lepsoeKevin Lepsoe is the CEO of Notey, an integrated end-to-end content solutions platform. He has taken up Esports as an exclusive and worthwhile topic to cover. The Esports category in Notey features publishers from popular websites such as Kotaku, Techcrunch, and PC Gamer.

28. Jason Knowles – Southwestern College

esports website southwestern college jason knowlesJason Knowles is the Esports Director at Southwestern College. He offers two paths playing for the college: as a grant recipient or general participant. His organization is highly active in competing with other schools and college in the United States and worldwide.

29. Graham Ashton – The Esports Observer

esports website observer graham ashtonGraham Ashton is a content editor for The Esports Observer. The site is a great a source for Esports business news and insights. His articles occasionally include brief news-styled video clips.

30. Justin Binkowski – Dot Esports

esports website dot justin binkowskiJustin Binkowski is a reporter/editor at Dot Esports. He previously worked with Gamurs prior to a merger between the two sites. His news articles mainly focus on the Call of Duty Esports.

31. Julia Lee – Rift Herald

esports website riftherald julia leeJulia Lee is the lead editor for The Rift Herald. The site is under the umbrella of Polygon Production. Her news articles mainly focus on the League of Legends Esports.

32. Jarrett Fleming – Maryville University

esports website maryville jarrett flemingJarrett Fleming is the Coordinator of Athletics & Recreation at Maryville University. He oversees the Maryville Esports Club which has already won prestigious Esports tournaments. His Esports staff that supports the competitive players have a wealth of experience in LCS, ESEA/CEVO, and MLG.

33. Karina Ziminaite – G2 Esports

esports website karina ziminaite g2Karina Ziminaite is the Head of Content at G2 Esports. She has published a master thesis on Esports and mainstream media. Her past career background includes Fnatic and Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH.

34. Steve Vegvari – WorldGaming

esports website steve vegvari worldgamingSteve Vegvari is a video game writer for Prior to it, he wrote reviews, editorials, and news for Enthusiast Gaming. His articles cover various topics and corners of the video game industry.

35. Jake Tucker – Esports Pro

esports website jake tucker proJake Tucker is the content editor at NewBay Media. He writes Esports news articles for the Esports Pro website. His journalism career has earned him several awards (including this one).

36. Sam Fleury –  Columbia College

esports website sam fleury columbian collegeSam Fleury is the Director of Public Relations at Columbia College. He writes a myriad of topics over at the public blog of the college. The topics that are covered include Esports at the local community.

37. Dan Goldstein – Dexerto

esports website dexerto dan goldsteinDan Goldstein is an Esports reporter for Dexerto. He is also the host, interviewer, and an analyst for Major League Gaming. His news articles cover the North American Call of Duty Esports.

38. Chester King – British Esports Association

esports website british chester kingChester King is the founder and acting CEO of British Esports Association. The UK Government gave him the authority to establish the association in January 2016. His association aims to support, promote, and instill good governance for amateur Esports players and teams.

39. Oliver Ring – Esports Insider

esports website insider oliver ringOliver Ring is the Content Manager at Esports Insider. He has an extensive experience in the world of finance prior to his career in the Esports industry. His passion in Esports is with the game Dota 2.

40. Dr. Chris Haskell – Boise State University

esports website dr chris haskell bsuDr. Chris Haskell is a Special Lecturer at Boise State University. He is renowned as an Esports expert and is very active in the gaming community. His expertise includes game-based learning and education using virtual worlds.

41. Dominic Sacco – Esports News UK

esports website news dominic saccoDominic Sacco is the founder of Esports News UK. He is also the Content Director at British Esports Association. His articles focus on the Esports news for the UK scene.

42. Christian Kresse – Esports Marketing Blog

esports website marketing blog christian kresseChristian Kresse is the CEO of ENPE Media GmbH, which runs the Esports Marketing Blog website. Being an Esports enthusiast, he practices journalism in the Esports industry while also running a company full-time. His articles focus on the insights behind the Esports movement.

43. Cass Marshall – Heroes Never Die

esports website cass marshall heroesneverdieCass Marshall is the site leader at He also contributes content at Immortals, Red Bull, and PC Gamer. His articles mainly focus on the Overwatch Esports scene.

44. Benjamin Briner – Lourdes University

esports website lourdes university benjamin brinerBenjamin Briner is the Esports Coach at Lourdes University. He successfully included Esports as part of the Gray Wolves collegiate program in the university. His Esports team is offering scholarships competitive video gamers and they are now actively recruiting.

45. Sharon Coone – Blitz Esports

esports website sharon coone blitzSharon Coone is the Editor In Chief at Blitz Esports. She previously worked as the Editor In Chief for Twinfinite for 2 and a half years. Her career encompasses several notable achievements including successfully strategizing web content and covering major gaming events (E3, PAX, GDC, PSX).

46. Dave Bellefroid – PaladinsWorld

esports website dave bellefroid paladins worldDave Bellefroid is the founder of He is also an official partner of Twitch, Discord, and Clutch Chairz. His articles mainly focus on Esports news for the game Paladins.

47. Victoria Rose – The Flying Courier

esports website theflying courier victoria roseVictoria Rose is the Site Lead at The Flying Courier. She is also an active contributor to Esports Insider, PC Gamer, and Esports Express. Her journalism focuses on Dota 2 Esports and mobile gaming in general.

48. Avantika Tiwari – University of Michigan

esports website michigan ross avantika tiwariAvantika Tiwari is the President of Arbor Esports at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. With Arbor Esports, she successfully created a gaming community in order to create a home away from home for gamers. The Esports club is very active in conducting events such as LAN meeting and tournaments.

49. Radoslav Kolev – CyberSport

esports website cybersport radoslav kolevRadoslav Kolev is the Supervising Editor at CyberSport. He has also contributed content to GosuGamers, PC Gamer, Blizzard SEA, EsportsHeaven, and Kinguin. His articles mainly cover the news about Overwatch and League of Legends Esports scenes.

50. Pranav Nalawade – TalkEsport

esports website talkesport pranav nalawadePranav Nalawade is the Senior Production Manager at TalkEsport. He has an extensive experience with the company, and he loves editing CS: GO movies. His articles cover news about Dota 2, CS: GO, and League of Legends Esports.

51. Christopher Unquera – Grand Canyon University

esports website gcu chris unqueraChristopher Unquera is the Head Coach at GCU Esports Team. He helps Esports participants improve in their respective games and grow in their daily lives. His team achieved a 9th-place finish in the nation for the Overwatch Tespa League Playoffs.