how-to-record-while-playing-a-game-on-ipadOccasionally, we have something that we want to show to others while playing our games on iPad. We want to show off the high scores to our friends, perhaps on the social profiles.

Another reason to record our gaming session may include teaching others how to achieve certain things in the game. This type of videos do very well on Youtube, especially if the game you’re playing is really popular.

There are several ways on how to do it, depending on your specific goals and needs. Without further ado, here’s how to record while playing a game on iPad.

The methods shown in this article varies a lot in terms of their quality and whether it requires your iPad to be jailbroken or not. I will elaborate on each of these methods so that you can determine which one best suits your specific situation.


ReplayKit is developed by Apple so it is already built-into your iPad. However, not all games are compatible with it (though most of them are) so you may need to double-check by taking a look at the App Store descriptions of your game.

Quicktime Player

If you plan on editing your recorded videos (usually for Youtube or blogging purposes), you might be using a Mac notebook for it. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to use the Quicktime Player to record your gameplay.

You can start recording using this method by simply connecting your iPad to your Mac with Lightning cable. Open the Quicktime Player, then go to File -> New Movie Recording.

From here, you should see a Down Arrow next to the Recording button. You will then select your iPad as the Camera.

Click Record, and you’re all set!

Apowersoft iPad Recorder

This is a preferable method if you would like to have a professional solution. The recorded videos you get will be very high quality, and it allows you to make videos in various formats as well.

It also has a screenshot feature that lets you take a static image, which is quite convenient when there’s a particular scene you want to take while playing your game on iPad.

However, this requires projecting your iPad screen over to a computer (Windows/Mac). So portability is not really a strong suit for this particular way of recording your gameplay.

Start by downloading the software from their website (link provided below). Then, you must synchronize your computer and iPad to connect to the same WiFi network.

Here is their website.

By going to your iPad Control Center and tapping the “Airplay”, you should be able to find your PC as a selection for turning on the “Mirroring” settings.

Your iPad screen is now successfully shown on your computer monitor.

From here, you will be using the Apowersoft Recorder by opening it on your computer. You should customize the recording settings in the “Options” so that the resulting videos are made according to your preferences such as the frame rate, video format and so on.

Recording the videos are pretty self-explanatory; simply press the big Red record button, and it will record your gameplay on iPad. Pressing it again will stop the recording process, and the videos will be automatically saved in a folder specified in the software settings.

iRec (now known as EveryCord)

The iRec app is unique among many recorder software because it can take your gameplay videos to Youtube, and you can directly message or email them after reviewing the videos. One possible drawback is that the videos can only be recorded in MP4 format.

Although iRec is opened on your iPad (enabling you to record directly on it, thus highly portable), you still need a computer to install it because it is not available in the App Store. A word of caution: while recording your gameplay, there will also be a red notification bar alongside it which is not removable.

I took the liberty of finding the download link for this particular iRec IPA, just so you don’t have to:

Download it here.

You will need to use Cydia Impactor as well (download here) because the IPA has to be dragged into this software. Put in your Apple ID and password, click OK and you’re now able to install [email protected] into your iPad.


Let me first tell you that Screenflow is not free, it is a premium solution with a price of $129. However, the expensive fee is somewhat justified because it can edit the videos once it finishes recording.

It also makes higher quality videos than Quicktime, now that’s one thing worth considering about! Keep in mind though that Quicktime is free to use.

Check it out at their homepage here.

El Gato

How to Record While Playing a Game on iPad-el gatoThis is another method that is not for the freebie seekers. This is a game recording device priced at $149 that’s fairly popular among gamers/streamers making a decent income from their passion.

The El Gato device uses HDMI cable so there is no doubt about the great quality of its videos. It is more commonly used for game consoles such as PS4, but it will work fine with an iPad as long as you have the Apple AV Adaptor which usually costs around $40.

How to Record while Playing a Game on iPad – Extra Tips

If you’re going to record your gameplay, you might as well edit them so that they’re more interesting to your audience whether it may your friends, family or at the online space.

For such a purpose, there is an amazing software called Apoweredit that stands out among many editing programs. It has several features that make it perfect for editing gameplays (many cool effects and stuff like that).

You can check it out here.


How to Record While Playing a Game on iPad-conclusionI hope that any of these methods above are good enough for you.  A lot of options here but try them out one at a time, I’m sure you’ll find one that best suit your needs.

I would love to see your gameplay videos so be sure to share them in the comments section!